Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter this year was a little bit off because of the preceding event that week. The tornado hit, everyone lost power, it was hard for some of the family to think about partying and getting together. This is also the first Easter Brandi isn't with us. For John and I, that was hard all the more for Pat and Charlie [Brandi's parents] who went ahead and did not show up for Easter dinner which was held at Grandma and Grandpa R's because Mom and Dad didn't get their power back until the night before Easter Sunday. We traditionally have it at my in-laws but this year we had to change locations.

It is a given, pretty much every time there is a family gathering, I get to make dessert or I don't bring anything at all. lol That's just how we roll! This year, for Easter, I decided to make a happy cake. I got the idea from I saw a photo of rainbow jello and tons more of rainbow everything including ROYGBIV stuff. So I made this:

The idea of the roses also came from a photo o I saw on pinterest. Apparently I didn't pin it because I couldn't find it anywhere in my boards. Sad. But I will keep looking and I will give credit where credit is due when I find the person responsible for this prettiness! 

As if the roses weren't happy enough, I made the inside ROYGBIV. Check it out!!!

Any crazy or non-crazy person alike can make this cake given you have a little bit of a crazy imagination. The cake took quite a few hours to make [from mixing, baking and cooling]. Do not ever frost your cakes when you are not sure that they are COMPLETELY cool. I've made that mistake before and I am never doing it again. In fact, now, I go to the extent of freezing my cakes before I do anything to them. I let them sit in the freezer for an hour before I start going nuts with the frosting.  

Anyway, Easter dinner went as planned and the food was awesome like it always is. And the cake, Yes! The cake did like it was supposed to... IT MADE EVERYONE SMILE! : ) This was my intention. Not just my family here but the whole town and a couple neighboring ones suffered the wrath of Mother Nature that week and had to deal with the loss of power... I thought I could make a bit of a difference at least in my family's disposition when they see this cake. And it did its job and even more!!!

I just used my favorite white cake recipe. I made 2 batches but I only used 1 1/2. Divided the batter equally among 6 bowls and colored them with the colors of the rainbow. I have six 9 inch round cake pans so it wasn't any trouble for me. Not every normal has the stuff I have so yeah, take your time and bake the cakes one at a time if you only have one 9-inch round pan. It is worth it, trust me!

This whole thing was made from scratch but if you choose to use box cakes, go ahead... It doesn't make you less of a person to do that!!! I am all for quick and easy. Except that that day, I had nothing but time to kill so I did it. :) Had I been in a hurry, Betty Crocker would've been my best friend. 

Here's something I thought about while I was making this cake: What if I flavored every layer like their color? You know, RED could be CHERRY... YELLOW could be LEMON... so on and so forth. Hmmmm... 

Now, go make something!!! :)

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