Monday, May 2, 2011


John and I had another fun weekend. Last week, we had so much fun getting lost in St Louis, our itsy bitsy town got hit with a tornado. We spent all week fixing up our house, getting it back to its normal state again, John spent a whole day putting back lose shingles on our roof, while I took advantage of the rain and planted wild flowers where I could. This is something you have to know about me, I have such a green thumb it is disturbing. LOL I will elaborate on this later. :)

So since we spent all week working on our house, John and I decided to go out of town in the weekend and visit our favorite stores and get lost... just go where we feel like going. We even went to a golf store just because... and I think John really wants to start golfing. He thought he was going to fool me by telling me he just wants to go in the store because he thought it would be fun to bother salesmen. 

He is just that way. When there's something he wants to do but he isn't sure if it would suit him, he starts acting crazy and I think it's funny so I just let him be. It is entertaining. 

We went to the Apple Store for an important appointment at the Genius Bar. I have not gone to that place and been treated like a fool even when I am acting like one. NEVER! Since we bought our Mac computers, I don't think we will buy anything else or from somewhere else again. We have had a bad experience with Best Buy with a PC computer {a couple of years ago} and we have vowed since then we are not buying anything from Best Buy or buy a PC ever again. I am just really impressed at the Apple customer service in-store and online. They don't leave questions un-answered. We went there for something that Apple Care or my warranty didn't cover but guess what, they gave me 100% service for free that could've cost us around $700! No questions asked. They didn't make me look like I was crazy either. They said they will call in an hour and a half after they have serviced my laptop. I didn't even take an hour and a half and I got the call. When I got back in the store to pick up my computer, it was there, it was ready and in perfect shape. :) They even took John's iphone and checked it out and showed him how to use some of the things he didn't know about his iphone. That totally made our day!!! : )

The rest of the day was spent walking around. We had iced coffee and fraps at Starbucks, Auntie Anne's pretzels, Orange Julius, looking at Adidas Originals and Nike+ shoes, some more eating... store hopping and a little bit of shopping. John and I love Adidas and Nike shoes. One thing I love about my husband is that he knows why some shoes are expensive, and some are not. So when it comes to our mootsies tootsies, we buy only what feels good and pretty too... and if they are a bargain, that makes it even better. :)

I don't really remember what we bought, it was all mostly for John. He is getting ready for marching season, and he's got a book to write and a whole lot of great things are getting ready to happen career-wise. I'm wanting to make sure he is dressed and well-equipped for the part. :) These past few weeks I have been making sure John is taken care of. He's got a lot going on in his head these days and I know that can't be always fun. So these fun weekends we've been having has helped him keep his balance between work and life outside work. 

We don't head home until we are so tired our feet hurt. :) It's just nice to be tired from having so much fun sometimes. It feels good!

We got home that night and had enough time for milkshakes before going to bed. And started a countdown until we start all over again. :)

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