Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Whitney [and Sara, too]

This girl is my friend Sara's daughter, Whitney. :) Just like me and her Mom, she loves to craft and bake. She is forever in search of something to make or bake. Yesterday, her Mom and I hung out at their house pretty much all day making cookies to take to a swim party we organized for our church kids and their friends. When she got home from doing some summer work at the library, I showed her my junque journal and told her what I was going to do with it... Before I knew it, we were looking through Sara's and her stash for paper to put in her book. 

That's her and her junque journal in the photo. She made it her own... She is everything that the cover of her junque journal says. She is her own person, she is very brave, and honest. She is a fast learner and is always eager to learn new things. Her excitability [if that is even a word] is very contagious... And I believe that's why I love her. She is like her Mom in that way... That's why we are such great friends. 

I never thought I would find such people in this world, especially when I moved here but I have and I feel soooo blessed to have found them. : )

Have a great rest of the week friends!

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