Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kicking Off the Holidays Early

All week, I have been busy scouring the books for new (well, new to me) recipes to try and alter and share later. I found a ton and narrowed it down to five. I am not going to say what five recipes because at the moment I have ten and still couldn't make up my mind which five to use. 

However, I will tell you this, one of them is SUGAR COOKIES, the good old sugar cookies that your grannies used to make except, I am going to try and decorate them not like your grannies used to do. I will do my best to do them all up nice and cute. [crossing my fingers!] 

In all honesty, during my learning years, I was never fond of shaped/rolled cookies because of the extra step which is ROLLING! I hate dirtying my counter. Period. Today or this week is an exception. I will get down and dirty in my kitchen and show these sugar cookies who's boss. LOL

My mixer has been hard at work since yesterday's Divinity adventure. They turned out really good but I forgot to whip my egg whites til soft peaks, they didn't harden as much as I wanted them to but John loves them, so I don't care! I know the stuff is gonna get eaten. 

The pic above is showing butter and powdered sugar being creamed together to make the sugar cookies.

I didn't kid around.... Since Halloween is coming in a MONTH! Why not? I went ahead and added Christmas shapes while I was at it. I am trying to make my financier/my personal Santa/taste tester/handy man/ HUSBAND extra extra happy so come Christmas, he will bring me glad tidings of Joy and Happiness!!! lol

I promise I will post pictures of them all decorated and stuff. :)


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