Monday, March 28, 2011


Hi all! I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at the date on my last post and it has been more than a month!!! Time has flown by so fast, way too fast. One day in the first week of March I was celebrating my birthday, and the next time I wake up, it is the last week of the month. 

My birthday was awesome, spent it with half of my family. I say half because one quarter is overseas, and the other quarter is in other parts of the country (all scattered too!). But I know that they celebrated with me in spirit and in Skype video chats and VoIP calls, too. It was great!!! 

I haven't done much crafting because I have been busy in my kitchen... BAKING! Haven't updated much of my baking blog with new recipes I have tried but I am very sure there are photos there of the stuff I've made. Get on my facebook page to see the other stuff too. You have to know that when I try a recipe I do not really follow it to the tee, (this is from the girl that do not color within the lines either! So bear with me.) I just look at the recipe for proportions, all the rest to me is a blur. And I add stuff as I go. So it is hard for me to share a recipe or add a link from where I got the recipe because I have changed so much of it, it doesn't even look like the same recipe once I am done with it. I usually write the stuff down and then type it up then add the source link then tell in detail what I have changed and what I followed from the recipe. Here's a sample! :) These were adapted from Jamie at My Baking Addiction.  I have also done old school recipes from my Mom. She is a culinary instructor and have been a baker for years and years... She was the one that taught me all the things I know in the kitchen. The woman can pretty much bake in a fire pit! :) 

Fast forward, this weekend, John and I went spring clothes shopping... and like always, he would ask me if I wanted to go to the craft store. [probably praying I would say no, which never happens... I don't know why he keeps asking when we go even if he doesn't ask.] So I did go to Archivers and picked up a couple things: Refills for my Tiny Attacher, new tweezers, and a couple Hero Arts stamp sets. I got the My Type and another one that I cannot remember the name. Then that was it for me all the rest we shopped for was John's. My husband is like me in the way that he loves the smell of new clothes and shoes... But he won't buy them for himself. So he kindda tags along when I want to shop, because he gets me to buy him stuff. I know it's silly but that's exactly the way he operates. Then when we get home, when I go through the stuff we got, I end up with $30 worth of stuff and his would be a huge pile of clothes and shoes. :) Mostly though I let him indulge... because when he is shopping for me, he doesn't skimp at all. He buys me nothing but the best camera gear, tech gadgets, etc. I am not so into clothes and shoes [except if they are the pair of Nikes i really like]. I go for the shiny, digital things or furniture for my craft room, or stamp sets or anything from Paper Trey Ink.

Also on Saturday, I got a new blog theme from Lelou Blogs! :) Love the spring colors and the little birdies!

I should share a post of the cards I have made out of the My Type cling stamp set from Hero Arts in a day or so. But for now, I got a carrot cake baking in the oven, and my timer just went off! :)

See you later,

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