Friday, September 24, 2010

My Blog

I am currently working on new pages/tabs for my blog so I can make it better. Maybe start making youtube video tutorials? We will see. I can't talk while I craft so let's see if I can make doing both work. : ) 
I am also very excited about working with the Cuttlebugspot's Design Team. I will work on posting everyone's link on here, too. Got lots to do! So I better get to work! 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thinking of You

The Hubs is watching his Monday Night Football, so I thought I'd sneak in a second post for today. Monday and Wednesday nights are all he has to himself pretty much since marching band season started so I kind of just let him do whatever on those two nights he has. I am not a big NFL or any sport fan, so I either bake something or craft while he watches his game. Tonight, however, I am pooped from cleaning up my pantry, so I thought I would work on the photos I took earlier and Photoshop them! 

So here's the second card:

I made this today because it has kind of been a tough couple of weeks for the family. Brandi, John's cousin, a very very good friend of mine, (one of those that I consider the sister I never had) has been taken to the hospital once again and we found out that one of her lungs are getting ready to totally shut down and she is now pretty much dependent on one lung, which wasn't a good lung to start with. Most CF patients are given at least nine years to live after the transplant and Brandi's almost on her 11th if I am not mistaken. She is a trooper! So this card is for her.

I made this card out of DCWV's Citrus Stack. The card base is Vintage Cream cardstock from Paper Trey Ink. It is a standard size card. No embossing on this one. However, I loaded this card with dimensions! This card is inspired by one of Kristina Werner's cards. I was pop dot happy today! 

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

It has been almost a month since my last post! I have had one of those times where I get so card-making happy I forget about the rest of the world. LOL Being a stay-at-home wife doesn't help either, I have nothing but time in my hands after all the chores are done and all the errands have been ran. I just love being in my craft room, every time I come here, I am happy!

So enough with the jibber jabber... I have made quite a few cards the past couple of weeks. This is one of them:

This standard size card is made up of both scraps and some collections I have had for a while that I just now broken out to use. I cannot remember the collection (the name) exactly. I have made the mistake of taking them out of the packaging or losing the front covers, so I couldn't tell you where they all came from. This was of course before I started blogging and when I started needing all this information. :'( 

I made the card a second time and altered it. Instead of using the same patterned paper for the background, I embossed snow flakes on a plain blue cardstock. I used my white gel pen on the trees to make them look like they have been snowed on. : ) And I heat embossed the sentiment on a 1 3/4 inch black round cardstock.

Most of the time, I don't measure the elements I put on my cards or scrapbook pages. I eyeball pretty much everything. Whatever feels right or looks great is what ends up in my work. 

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