Friday, June 3, 2011

I am Not Good at Before-and-Afters

Hey friends! I thought I'd pop by and leave another note before I get started on my wrestling match with my linen closet and possibly my dining room too. John is matching wits with the wiring in our entertainment center. He shares the same woes as those who put their TV on top of the fireplace. The bulk of the wiring has been contained, except that there are still some sticking out from behind the satellite dish box and the home theater system receiver. I could've worked on it without having to go through the trouble of removing the cable hider caps and re-doing the whole thing... But I know well enough that if I intervened, we would just start arguing and then nothing will get done. So, I am leaving it all up to him and I found me something else to do. ;)

I would show you before and after pics but I am no good at that. I would plan on it and chicken out at the last minute. So I will be posting after pictures, and maybe some before ones [if I don't have a nervous breakdown while looking through them and trying to decide which ugly ones to show the world]. 

The past few days, I have been doing little projects and have done a little bit of looking around. And this is one of them:

This isn't what it's going to look like just yet. I am thinking about changing it up later when my vinyl order comes in and when I decide what font I am actually going to use. This is the beauty of vinyl decals, they are not a lifetime commitment. You can take them off and put new ones on as much as you wish, wherever you want them... and since I cut my wall quotes myself, it makes it even easier and a lot cheaper. The decals on this wall need to look good because it is the first thing everyone sees when people come in from the kitchen. 

John and I saw this quote in a wall decal kit years ago at a local store... We liked it, but didn't have anywhere to put it. Our first house had textured walls, and there was no way it could've worked. So we kind of just forgot about it until I stumbled into it again a week ago. I saw it online at a wall decal store. And I knew I had to use it. 

I am no wall decal master, but if you decide to DIY your wall quotes, get a software that will make you cut your words already lined up or enables you to weld words together that way they are easier to mount.  Also, use some scrap vinyl to do some practice cuts on so you don't cut through the backing... because if you do it would be much harder to get the backing off of your die cuts. [I am talking from experience here, it is not pleasant!]. I usually set my blade depth on 4, pressure on medium, and the speed on medium. Settings could vary between your machine or the kind of vinyl you use. So you will need to get to know your machine before you commit to cutting your vinyl. And lastly, have a level handy so everything goes on the wall straight. I use painter's tape for guide lines instead of using a pencil, trust me, you don't want to draw lines on your wall, they do not come off easy!!!

Laters gators!

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