Saturday, February 26, 2011

Flower Pens

Hi all! I meant to post this earlier this week but I got distracted somehow and it's been sitting in the drafts folder for almost five days now. I hope I finally get to post it this time. :)

Flower pens. The last time I was at Archivers, the lady at the check out counter was sooo nice and showed me how to make these cuties. She started talking to me about them after I (for the nth time) said that I will make them. She had originally showed me the pens with the die cuts. But I used silk flowers with mine.

I forgot to take pics while I was making them, but they are really easy to make. I just really took my time on the ones I made and went crazy with my Glimmer Mists, Color Wash and Stickles. 

I bought a box of 24 Bic Pens, I got them for about $6 at the office supply store and three bunches of 10 silk roses from the craft store for about $8. All the rest of the materials, like the floral tape and glue sticks for the hot glue gun I already had. The hard part was taking the tops off of the pens... They were so easy to bite off back when I was still in school but I found I have totally lost that skill after I did this project. lol I also picked up a couple of small flower pots for 85 cents a piece. 

Thank you once again to the Hubs. He actually encouraged me to make the flower pens... He has become my enabler. :)

A ton of people sell these flower pens on the internet but why buy them when you can make them yourself? 

Till the next crafty post!!!

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