Friday, August 5, 2011

J & V: An Idea Derived From Pinterest

Hi all! TGIF! I am celebrating for the Husband. He has been running percussion camp and band camp the past two weeks out in the heat and I have been feeling so sorry for him. Although he loves everything that has to do with music, band, marching band and pep band, I know it can't be nice to marching out in the heat and most especially hard to be barking orders at kids who would rather be home sitting in the airconditioning. 

Anyway, while he is out roasting in the heat from 9-4, I am at home doing chores in my own pace, in the A/C, and Pinteresting during my breaks. Today's post is an idea I got from one of my Pinterest journeys this week. I love tone-on-tone everything, so when I saw the photo, I jumped on it immediately. 

I'm sorry that I can't show you the photo where I got this idea because apparently, I didn't pin it into my boards. And I just found this out as I was working on the project. The original project used a stretched, mounted 12x12 canvas, wooden letters were used for the initials and I am not very sure about the other letters. But I think it is the coolest idea for this wall art that I have been working on to put in my living room. 

For my project, I just used a 12x12 textured white cardstock and cut all the letters in the same cardstock I used for the background and I used foam adhesive to pop up the initials because I am planning on putting this sweet little number in a shadow box. :) [However, I am thinking about re-doing this because this is my first try at it, so I have glue smothered all over and some of the letters are a little skewed.] 

Lastly, I used a digital cutter to cut the letters with the Sure Cuts  A Lot software. And I used HELVETICA! I don't know why I typed that in ALL CAPS. lol But I will definitely try cutting it in American Typewriter because I love that font too. [I spend too much time at!]

I had better go before I go totally geek on all of you. :)

Happy weekend!

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