Thursday, March 1, 2012

Project Life {TEST} Week No. 1


If you all don't know yet, I have to tell you I take A LOT of pictures, I take them daily... I take them all the time... I take pictures every chance I get either from my DSLR camera or my phone or my husband's iPhone. I have a ton of photography apps on my phone it's not funny, I have crowded John's phone with them too. I have an Android... I'm not a big fan of the non-Apple products anymore, but when I needed a new phone quick because my little bitty Samsung Impression had died on me, I had to make a quick decision and I went with an Android phone. Not because I like it, [I came to like it, btw. I love my HTC now] but so we can have something different in the house. We have become Apple freaks in the past 2-3 years we would never buy anything if it didn't have the Apple emblem on it. lol

Anyway, all the photos I have been taking are all stuck in my computer and they are crowding it. And I couldn't stand it anymore. I don't wanna buy another WD MyBook either and crowd that too. So I decided I am going to print all my pictures... but the question was, where am I gonna put them? I love to scrapbook, but I only scrapbook when I want to. However, these couple of changes we have imposed on our lives at this point has John and I all over the place busy all the time. I have said this over and over and I will say it again... I have never thought being a stay-at-home wife would be this hectic! And we don't even have a kid/kids! So I had to go into something fast, and easy and inexpensive. I am not the crazy scrapbooker that goes nuts in Archivers and buys every embellishments on the shelves! I hate them anyway because they are so hard to store and they are EXPENSIVE I like investing on the good stuff, like the tools, and the snacks I eat when I do craft. Plus, I have been so into the DIY-ing everything. I even made my own curtains this week but that's a totally different post. So........... I WENT WITH PROJECT LIFE! And I am committing to it so my pictures could have a home. To me, it provides a place for me to document all that I love, SCRAPBOOKING, BAKING, PHOTOGRAPHY and SEWING... and of course, the four crazy things I live with... JOHN, Mr Peapers, Voodoo, and Foozie. 

I was supposed to start next week with my friend Sara. But I put together a test Week 1 spread to see how long it takes me to put together a whole week of photos. :) And I am pleased to report that I got done in 2 1/2 hours. This includes planning the sizes of the photos, printing them out and the journaling too. :) I got my journaling cards from this lady, Miss Tina. I love them all. I just printed them out on white cardstock and cut them out. They fit the Project Life page protectors perfectly. They are exactly 3x4.

I didn't use a lot of embellishments on this one, but I sure will give it some more time when I start with next week's. I am also treating this more like a gallery than it is really week no. 1 because the photos here aren't all current. LOL  I just wanted to try it out and see how fast I can put one week together.




I added a 12x12 insert [photo on top] using a We R Memory Keepers Photo Sleeve. :) I've had them for a while, just couldn't find any use for them until now. I love the quality of We R Memory Keepers page protectors and I am so happy that I was able to use these in my Project Life album.

And for an added bonus, John built me this ledge weeks ago but our busy lives have delayed the installation of it. We have this very bare wall in our living room that we have been wishing to decorate since we moved to the new house and never have gotten the time to think about it or even plan on it. I had decided on a photo wall, but I sure changed my mind when I realized I was gonna have to drill holes. I hate putting holes on the wall. So we settled on the idea of a photo ledge. :) It will give me the same result as a photo wall except that I won't have to drill a gazillion holes. I am still working on the stuff I want to display on the ledge but the real reason I wanted a photo wall was so I could display John's late great Grandmother's paintings. She was a wonderful woman, great artist, she had a great eye. She still even painted even when she couldn't see anymore [out of old age]. I got to see her the year before she passed. She lived out west with John's Grandpa. And on our last day, I almost talked John into staying one more week because I just couldn't stomach leaving her, We kind of knew that was the last time we were going to see her, she was I believe in her early 90's. :'(

So here is the ledge, I will be posting more pics of it when I fill it up! :) I have a ton of family photos and other things that are going on this ledge.  After all, we went ahead and used a 1x6 piece of pine for the platform so we can load it up with all kinds of stuff. And I had John anchor the whole thing good on the wall so the weight won't make it sag. Gotta love the Handy Husband, right? Gosh, I feel so lucky that I can tell him what I want and he makes them and figures them out by himself.


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