Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm Back!

Oh how great it is to be back in blog-land! It has been a while friends and I am so happy that I have finally gotten the chance to sit down and relax.

My excitement for the holidays have brought me into this hiatus. Spending every day pretty much doing what I do every day anyway except when I baked, I baked in huge batches because I get extremely generous during the holidays. It all felt great! Also with all the baking, I also did a lot of sewing and broke both of my sewing machines while I was making my own table napkins. Yes, both!


I had picked up a set of napkins at the store before I decided to make my own but the white seemed boring. Then I went and looked, but none suited me. So I made my own! And I love the punch of color it added to my table.


I did end up with six chairs before the holidays came so I added to the whole repertoire as the holidays drew near. I busted out all our silver, goblets, apothecary jars, and everything we have that shimmers and all that smell good and set the table like we were hosting a fancy dinner every night. But really, the reason why I did this is because other than I want the table and the kitchen to look pretty all the time, I also want to discourage people from throwing their stuff on my table, cluttering it. It is a pet peeve of mine. *winks*


So other than our cat, Voodoo, no one has had the guts to mess up this pretty set up. Nobody dared touch the fragile stuff either, not even John. He is the bearer and the spreader of all clutter in this house. :)

During my short hiatus, I also managed to host a few dinners with teenagers and adults both and a new year's eve party, learn how to crochet [now working on an afghan] and managed to get a very brand spanking new sewing machine for Christmas! I had such a wonderful time during the holidays hosting parties and having people over and sharing great food. There is nothing better to do but this.

Keebler elves. :)
My girls Natalie and Megan making cookies for the other kids that were coming to our Ugly Christmas Sweater party.
Thumbprint cookies... Just because. :) they have a tasty ganache topping, and strawberry perserves i made in the summer.
Thumbprint cookies with a strawberry preserve topping and chocolate ganache

I also shopped... a bunch! This fruit bowl is an awesome buy from Crate and Barrel. I got it when we had to go to the actual store to pick up one of John's gifts for me at the store. :) You can see the bottom of said gift in the background. He got me the piano white clock!


Here's John attempting to eat a whole pie during Christmas morning. He did eat the whole pie by the way.

This boy loves him some coconut creme pie. 

And here's said clock from John hanging in my kitchen! I love weird- looking things.

@crateandbarrel @cbstlouis clock has a new address. Thanks to my sweet love who got it for me. :) 

And then, it snowed. Then I was happy. I love snow. But it's not nice to be stuck... So...

Staying in for the day... going to enjoy all the prettiness from my craft room window while I work on a couple of projects. 

the awesomest Dad ever came to the rescue and brought the snow blower so we can get out of our garage. :)

John and Dad snow blowing our drive way. #awesomedadtotherescue :) 

Snow is sooo beautiful at night. I enjoy taking pictures of it and of the things it covers.

It's sooo pretty outside! :) 



I also got a new phone. If you ask John he will say "Yeah, she stole my upgrade." I did take his upgrade but I didn't steal it, but given the circumstances I did steal it. My phone broke four months before my contract is up. 


And, yes, I do listen to a lot of Puddle of Mudd and other noisy things. The creative part of my brain functions better with noise, the kind I like. And I love my Samsung Galaxy S3.

Our very festive black forest cake. #nye #dessert
NYE dessert
And she is up. :) #sydney #light #chandelier #craftsroom
My wonderful husband put up a new light for my craft room.
Loving the new glass top on my desk. I've been playing with glitter and paint on here dumping it everywhere coz I dont have to be careful anymore! Best Christmas gift to myself ever! :)
The best gift for myself ever! I got me a glass top for my craft desk so I don't have to worry about dumping paint or anything on it.

Piped pillow covers in the works. :) #diy #sewing #piping #fun
I knew he was not coming home empty handed tonight. #fender #stratocaster
John binged one day at the Guitar Center and bought him a guitar
Also, during the holidays, I have been wanting to re-do the pillows on my sofa but couldn't quite figure it out how I could do that because I was very sure I wasn't buying new pillows because I already have a ton to start with. So, I decided to I was going to venture into making pillow covers with piping. Since I moved to the states and realized how expensive it is to have anything tailored to your liking, I made it a point to learn and hone every skill I have in my arsenal and do whatever it takes to get good. I'm just thankful, I have a husband and a whole family of supporters and encouragers. 

And she is finished. :)

You wouldn't know me to be a Susie Homemaker looking back 7 or 8 years ago. A lot has happened since then. I have grown up and have realized there IS more to life. My priorities have insanely changed and my outlook has widened way beyond I thought it would after I got married. And I am loving every single second of it all. There is not a better feeling knowing that what I do matters a great deal and I am grateful for all these gifts I have been blessed with that I didn't know existed until I married the most wonderful, most supportive man. He is really handy too and he is the reason why I could pull off most of the things that I do. :)

So I am back. I'm hoping to post more recipes and projects on here very very soon.

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