Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baked Alaska Details and a Couple Other Things

So here's the baked alaska details. :) I cannot call it a recipe because it is not. I didn't use a recipe, I just kind of threw the thing together and wished for the best. It was rather easy, but like every one of my first times, it was messy. 

A baked alaska has three components:

  • CAKE of some kind
  • ICE CREAM, whatever flavor you prefer

For the cake, I decided to go traditional. I went with a chocolate cake loaded with chocolate in all forms and sizes. So I started with my favorite chocolate cake, made a glaze-like chocolate filling with chocolate chunks in it. Here's a photo to prove its yummy goodness:

Courtesy of my husband, John. He took this picture with his iPhone.
For the ice cream, I used Breyer's Snickers Caramel Swirl. I softened it and added a tad bit of chocolate syrup. The ice cream was super as is, the chocolate sauce was added because I have it in my fridge. I lined a cupcake pan with cling wrap then scooped/spooned the soften ice cream into the pan. And put it in the freezer to chill overnight.

I used 4 oz light corn syrup, 8 oz sugar, 2 oz water and 4 oz egg whites for the meringue. I actually had to make another batch as I got too meringue happy and ran out half way through. Eventhough I strongly believe in make-ahead everything,  I wouldn't recommend making the meringue ahead of time. It is the most delicate part of this very tasty dessert. I made my cakes and prepared the ice cream the night before but I prepared the meringue when I was ready to assemble each piece of baked alaska. Then, I took a torch and browned the peaks and drizzle a little bit of caramel on top. This is the most fun part of all!!! So much fun, I burnt the peaks! LOL Thank God my Mom-in-Law loves scorched stuff. It's that, or she just loves me so much she didn't want me to get upset if she told me. ;)

Perfect soft peak!!! :) When you pull the whisk out and your peaks look like this, 
you have succeeded.

Also, in the weekend I attempted the Slow Cooked Puerto Rican Pulled Pork from the Pioneer Woman's website. :) I had no idea it was going to taste anything close to the lechon so that was a pleasant surprise. The recipe is totally a keeper! My husband was raving about it all weekend! He got to have lechon when he was in the Philippines and [totally fell in love with it] he was the first one to notice how the pernil tastes just like it. I swear, he is more in love with my country's cuisine than he is in love with me. ;)

With the pernil, I also attempted to make chimichurri to drizzle on top of the pork. I have been trying to look for an excuse to make it but I either forget or totally change my mind and go with my traditional pinakurat [a Filipino condiment]. So chimichurri is definitely in my top condiments list now. I will make it every chance I get. I love the taste, the aroma and I love how it compliments the meat most of all. It makes the very simple pulled pork taste and smell like a million bucks! I can't wait to try it on my Husband and I's favorite grilled porterhouse steaks. 

Here's a couple photos:

I seriously thought I could put six cloves of garlic and a cup of flat leaf parsley inside 
a mini-chopper! John happened to walk by while this whole thing was going on
and he was like, "What are you doing to that poor thing?"

Finally, I start using my head and took out the food processor. It worked so much better!
I know, I am a comic. So funny, I crack myself up too. lol

This is the end result. :) Tasty stuff!


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