Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Craft Haven... It was truly worth all the wait!

I have been gifted with a great husband and a great dad-in-law, who have worked day and night since Spring this year to finish up my craft room. This week marked the almost-end of it. I say almost-the end of it because we still have to replace the dark lauan doors that came with the house when we bought it in May, they still have to hang a new ceiling fan to replace the dingy old one that used to be in the room, and install thresholds that match my new bamboo floors. My dad-in-law is very good at wood working and he has been a great teacher to my Hubby so this whole time since spring, I have entrusted my vision to the two of them. Two and  a half months later, they delivered a totally awesome craft room. : )

We bought the house we live in now just recently. It is a nice bungalow. My husband and I and our dog, Iddy and our three cats, Voodoo, Mr. Peapers and Foozie Woozie fit in it just fine. However nice and sturdy this house is, it came with its little quirks...  The interior looks like the 70's blew up in it. So since the home loan closed, we have been updating one room after the other. We turned a room adjacent to the kitchen into our den/home office and my craft room. But now, it is mainly all mine. We have left the desktop computer in the craft room for now but it will be going somewhere else soon as I decide to get a Windows laptop or a MacBook Pro. (Yeah, it is a very big decision for me. I am tech-savvy, I am very particular with high-dollar purchases, I am a penny pincher and a bargain shopper but I don't settle for cheap stuff just because they are cheap because that could mean a lot of problems too especially with technology nowadays).

My craft room has all the stuff I want in it except for the tray ceiling. It was John's (my husband) idea, which magically turned the room 180 degrees. It doesn't like it used to!!! I picked out the paint colors, the bamboo floors, the curtains, everything! I am currently shopping for shelves and currently making stuff to decorate my walls with. I am so excited, so happy and just plain thankful that my room will be fully completed very very soon. 

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