Monday, May 16, 2011

Home Reno is like Crack to Us

Hello friends! There has not been much crafting or baking or cooking going on around here. My husband and I have been living on either take out and other crappy food the past week, which really grosses me out now that I am thinking about it. But I should be living like a normal foodie and crafter again soon as all these home updating is done... or will it ever end? It will, won't it? I hope it does. 

Every year we get into this cycle. Each time, every time. At the beginning of the year, we set out to rake money into the savings account to get ready for a vacation to the tropical, beautiful Philippines... We get excited over it, we look at airfare rates, flight schedules, and all the good stuff. Then come April, soon as it gets sunny and beautiful outside, boy, we start finding things we would love to do to our home. HOME RENO is like CRACK to us. It is very addictive!!! We know it's messy, and a lot of work, but we can't stay away from it. We get so into it, we start spending our trip to the tropics money on the reno.

We are on it again this year... We took a stronger doze of it this time too!!! We don't normally start until about early June but we have been on it since late April. I have been painting for almost two weeks now and John has been working on wiring and electrical stuff. We have thrown away all kinds of overflow and working with what we have and adding bits and pieces. : )

Yesterday, while I was waiting for paint to dry, I took a stroll into my Pinterest world and it told exactly how I was feeling at the moment. 

Hopefully I get to post pictures soon. The living room has been our main focus. We have finally figured out a fix for our entertainment center woes. If any of you have a 55-inch TV on top of a fireplace and you don't have built-in cabinets on each side, you know what I am talking about with the cords showing no matter what you do. We have figured out a fix though and I will post photos soon as we, by we, I mean John, gets it all situated. : ) In the areas where electrical or anything that could electrocute is involved I am just the person that makes sure everything is straight, or nailed/screwed in right and it looks pretty and I get to pick out wire colors because it all has to coordinate... EVEN WIRES THAT DO NOT SHOW. lol When it comes to tech stuff, I get to choose which ones we are getting, because I know better and I am the one patient enough to troubleshoot when problems arise. We haven't had any so far from any of the gadgets we have. 

Depending on what happens today, I get to pick between finishing the paint job in my dining room or put John's wiring stuff and all the little things sitting in my living room away. Great options, I tell ya! ;) Or I may be baking a ton of stuff to celebrate something I can't talk about yet. We will see.

I will see you all later. And I hope everybody has a productive week!

Sending you all lots of home reno lovin!!!

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