Friday, April 22, 2011

What's Up?

Hi all! It has been three days since the storm hit on Tuesday night and there is still a good chunk of households here that don't have power including John's parents. Their power lines have been hit worst compared to the ones close to downtown. The power company has just today started working on their side of town. Last we heard, they were gonna have to start all over as if there was no power lines there... It is that bad. I have collected photos from our neighborhood and neighboring streets, I have taken them the day after the storm hit. 

(My husband just came to correct me, it wasn't a storm, it was a tornado.) :)

Anyway here are some photos to show you the damage. 

this is our only tree damage

this is my neighbor's tree from across the street

The only good thing that this storm/tornado has brought is that it brought our neighborhood together. While there was no power, we got to know our neighbors better and we all got to help each other process through what the storm has left us. And it is not a good sight. 

This is my in-laws' concrete fence and wrought iron gate. Weird thing is, my Dad-in-Law's Dodge truck
was sitting in front of this fence, but was UNTOUCHED! 

This is my Mom-In-Law and her dog, Asta this morning. She was watching the tree people clear some spots for the Ameren people. I took this and the photo below with my cellphone. This photo cracks me up!

This is a house just down the road from my friend Sara's house. We kept checking on their house
since Wednesday because they have been on vacation in Florida the past week.

We got our power back yesterday at around 11 AM. Sara's neighborhood just got their power turned on today. And my in-laws still don't have power and it is not looking promising for them tonight either. I will be praying for them until their power comes back on.

I hope everyone stays safe. :) 

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