Tuesday, May 24, 2011

C is for Cookie

Hello friends! It is only Tuesday and I already feel like it's Friday. A lot is going around here. The weather is bad, bad, bad; we are still trying to straighten our house out from being moved around so many times in the past week and by we, I mean ME; and this is also the time of the year where I help my Aunt Betty whip her yard back into shape. She is almost 90 and she is living by herself, doesn't want to go to Assisted living apartments just yet so every year for the past five years we would hang out mid-spring and get that beautiful yard of hers manicured and pruned... This is also a rough time for the husband. He is a teacher so work is stressful and everything is organized chaos with awards, graduation, spring productions, and add to that my husband wanting to up the pay scale and taking another job offer. So now, he is juggling doing the things he loves and the stuff he is sick of plus the stuff we are doing to our house. Even though we feel like plucking our eyelids off, I believe we are keeping a good balance between home and work [that's what I tell myself at least! lol]. : )

So yesterday, it was awards day where my Hubby works. To help him out, I wrote all the names in the certificates during the weekend. It was a lot but I knew I didn't miss to write anybody's name. I know those kids' names and I know them personally. I have worked on and off at his school in the past couple of years. It about gave him a heart attack when there were three kids that didn't get called up the stage because there was not a s certificate for them and one of the kids were almost in tears when all of her classmates have been called except for her! So Mr. Randolph had to do some serious damage control and  tell the truth that he actually didn't notice that there were three certificates he didn't grab as he was hurrying to the gym for the awards ceremony. I got a phone call immediately right after from him and I knew he was feeling really bad so I did some damage control myself. I didn't want him to leave them with bad memories, so I made these cupcakes and handmade cards for the three kids:

And here's my QUALITY CONTROL person:

Have a great rest of the week everyone! 


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