Tuesday, August 17, 2010


In the weekend while I was going through my stuff in the craft room, I found my Paisley Cricut Cartridge that I have been looking for for a long long time! For some reason it got mixed up with the basket where I put my Cuisine at Home books from Betty. It might've gotten thrown in there while I was emptying the craft room to get it ready and prepped for remodeling... Who knows?! 

Anyway, I was so excited I went through the whole book and remembered why I watched auctions on ebay like a hawk for this cartridge... and that's because it has a monkey, a frog, and all kinds of cute little things in it that John and I both like. (Or stuff that we find cute and amusing at least!) John loves monkeys in all forms and sizes especially when it is at a reathonable price! (he had a lisp when he was little!)

So I made this very simple circle card for him! It made him smile when I showed it to him... The past couple of days has been tough on everybody, not just John (at work to be specific.) Even if there is no such thing as the "perfect job", I am praying every day that he will find the right place where he can do whatever he wants as far as his talent, skills and passion for music teaching could take him. John isn't the performing type, he is a teacher. He is awesome at it. 
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