Thursday, April 28, 2011

...and Moving On!

Hi all! Well, I finally got some much needed sleep. It took me a while but at around 2 AM, I had to just tell myself to let it all go and go to sleep, which I believe worked because that was the last thought I remembered thinking about when I woke up at nine this  morning. It will take me a while to get back to the normal way of life [which doesn't include getting up 45 times in the night to check on my basement or get on my computer to check the weather in the middle of the night]. Getting some sleep last night was a great first step. : )

After all that's happened, my husband John and I have decided a few things:
  1. We are definitely going to finish updating this house to sell in a year or two. And move on to a newer home, in a newer neighborhood... We both believe we have earned our stripes fixing up old homes. 
  2. NO MORE BUNGALOWS. We hope! We love the character of old homes, but they are a lot of work and a pain on the rear especially the ones that have not been updated in two decades, just like the one we live in now. But I guess, not everyone is like us. We love to take care of our home, we make it pretty and instead of sucking the life out of it, we bring new life to it by updating it and making sure that all its guts are in tip-top shape.
  3. If job situations do not get better in a year or two, the next house we are buying will be... well, let me put it this way, NOT HERE. 
  4. Come hell or high water, I am going to get certified and will get back into teaching. : ) See the smiley face? I believe being a housewife is awesome... No clocking in and out, No boss, and I work when I want to. I have embraced it and I totally love it, but I think it is time to move on now and play awesome English teacher again. It is time to get back into those high heels and nerdy leather totes. [Yes, I taught in high heels. It was hard to think straight without them.] 
  5. Definitely going where the Husband is happy career-wise.  He is great at what he does. And I have seen him work very hard for 6 or 7 years on the program he's been on. Him and I have decided, get the program that suits him... by hook or by crook. :) His specialty and his prowess is rare nowadays, I think he deserves to be in a place that respects the skills and the talent and the ear of people like him.
  6. Maybe a baby? I don't know. That part is still a little gray [to me] as of this writing. I still cannot see why I  should or have to.  People always say, "you are not getting any younger." And I just laugh, I am really liking not having to lug a stroller and a child around when I want to go places. I am also liking that no third person is dictating where and when I CAN or CAN'T go. I will adopt when I am too old to have children and I start wanting one... there's only a million of them all over the world waiting for people like me to decide. :)
  7. God is Listening. We know He has been and He always is and will be. There's been many, many times since John and I got married that we would go through rough times... but NEVER and I say NEVER have things NOT WORKED OUT at the end of the day. And even at times when we forget to pray and acknowledge Him, He Listens and answers our thoughts. So one thing I have learned, never tell God what to do. He knows his way around the ropes. And where he guides, He will most definitely provide. Worrying solves nothing and changes nothing. 
  8. WE ARE GOING TO GET PAST ALL THESE. Yes we will. This is not our first rodeo and will most agreeably not be the last. : ) We are pretty resilient people and we are very very strong together... Not perfect, but we know that most of the time, when things get bad, we just need to stop and talk... and sometimes agree to disagree.   
Today I am just grateful for my husband. He is by no means perfect, but he is my perfect match. We aggravate each other sometimes, but we get over it... then we laugh about it later. Sometimes, you just gotta allow yourself to get mad and get upset when bad things happen [especially the ones that no one has any control of]... It will all be okay. Trust me, it will be. : )
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