Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY Roman/Roller Shades

Hello all! :) I have had the most interesting few days... but everything kindda worked themselves out so I am happy that they are part of history now. Amidst the weirdness of it all, I have had a couple of things done and a few other projects planned [for my house, that is]. I have not done any paper crafting in the past two weeks because I have been so obsessed with my living room. Check out the pics in John and I's blog

I have a really long living room, 25.5 feet to be exact. Aside from the big window that I have been constantly taking pictures of lately, I do have 2 other big long ones that overlooks the front porch [which isn't a very pretty site as of the moment because it has become our catch-all room], and two little ones on each side of the fireplace. I could probably get away with hanging just a valance on the small windows, it's the two big ones that need addressing. :) 

Let's look at some inspiration, to give you an idea how I want this whole project to end up looking:

This very last photo reminds me of how our living room walls used to look like. It reminds me how sick I used to feel every time I looked at my living room with those dark walls. ;) I'm so glad it's all gone. :)

Now, all I have to do is decide on a pattern and a color [fabric] and I will be on my way to DIY-ing my own shades. :) 

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