Friday, July 16, 2010

Thank You

I think I was born with scissors, paper, glue and baking tools in my hands. I always had the knack for these things. Of course I was taught the techniques as I was growing up but it's the love for it and learning more of it that I know I always had. As a kid it was always a joy to have my Mom all to ourselves (us 4 kids) on a weekend and all summer long because she never sat down. She was always doing something, and trust me, she is still always doing something. She is a MOM EXTRAORDINAIRE--she can bake, make stupid looking cakes look very pretty, she can sew, love like no other, and she loves teaching and always had the patience to teach us what she knows. Most of all, she manages to juggle her career and her family very very well. She never misses one event in our lives growing up. She is always there. I say all this in present form because even now when we are all grown up and moved away, she is still there cheering for us.

Every single day and every time I make something pretty, I thank God for my Mom. This blog is dedicated to her, my Mama-Os (my grandma) and the four Aunts (my dad's four sisters) who helped shape the person I am now. They are half a world away from me but I know in my heart, that the last 3 years has been bearable because every day, since I left home, they have been praying and cheering for me. 

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