Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Been There... Done That...

A week ago, while I was putting stuff back into the craft room, I found four unused rolls of vinyl tucked away in one of our chests in the bedroom. How it got there, I have no idea but when I saw all that in the drawer, it brought back a fun memory!  

Almost a year ago, our friends Sara and Quinton and John and I decided we wanted to have dinner at the Golden Corral. We don't normally go out of town when it's late (at least Sara and I won't because we are both scared to drive in the dark and well, Sara can't see in the dark!) but that night on a whim, Sara and I decided we were going to Golden Corral and Q and John are taking us. It was I think 8 PM when we got there... Got our Golden Corral fix. Then Quinton asked the question John and him both dread asking!

"Where do you want to go next?" (As if he didn't know!!! LOL) Sara and I answered in unison, THE CRAFT STORE! then she followed it up with "we NEED vinyl to cut with our Cricut". By the time we got done eating it was almost 9 PM and that's when almost all the stores close! It was like we were on a race. We were running to every craft store's door to beat the clock. It was close to Christmas, so every store was wiped out. I mean one store didn't have any vinyl on the racks at all!!! NADA. Then we headed to the second one... There happens to be a Borders by where Joann's is so when we got there, Sara and I ran to Joann's and the boys headed to Borders and scoured the store for the vinyl we were looking for. Why they did that? Well, hopefully because they LOVE us and they didn't want us to go home empty-handed! LOL Long story short, we got our vinyl. Not the colors we wanted but we got vinyl and we got them all really cheap because they are the colors no one wants except for the black vinyl John and Q got from Borders. We got back to the car and we were all out of breath from panicking! As if, the stores will never carry them ever again! It was crazy. I laugh every time I remember that night. We were laughing our butts all the way home. 

So almost a year later, I actually made something out of the vinyl from that really weird night. : ) Now, every time I look at it, I smile because it will always have a lasting impression in my memory.

The quote is from scrapbook.com. I was browsing through the site yesterday and found it and thought it may be a good first time project with the vinyl. It is not awesome, but it is nice. I like how it turned out. And in the process, I learned how to handle the material and what settings to put my Cricut in when cutting it. I had such fun!!!
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