Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to the woman who raised me and taught me all the great things I know. I couldn't be with my Mom today so in honor of her, I made this:

This is a baked alaska. :) My Mom and I have never made this together... But the components of this sweet treat, she has taught me how to make. I was watching TV the other day and saw Bobby Flay's Throwdown and this was what they made. The longer I sat and watched, the more I started realizing, everything in a baked alaska I know how to make because I was taught well by my Mother... Everything that has to do with meringue especially, reminds me of her. She is a very patient teacher. I remember her saying, "make sure you bowl is clean and dry, the whisk has no water residue on it and make sure you don't get any of the yolks in the egg whites... and be patient for crying out loud!"  Yes, the reason for every one of my failed meringue attempts was my impatience. But she remained patient and allowed me to make my own mistakes to learn from. And guess what, this girl can now make meringue even on the rainiest of days! And I have my Mom to thank for that. She is the reason why I could take on any challenge in the kitchen [including life]. I will not be able to love her as much as she loves me... this I know. God couldn't have given me a better Mother and friend.  

I will update this post with the recipe later... : )

Happy Sunday all!

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