Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Few Pics

Sorry friends, I can't find any before photos fast, but will post them soon as we finish the updates. : ) It has been fun so far. I have blisters on my hand from holding the paint rollers but I am so happy with the results.

The photo above is a picture of one side of our fire place. There used to be an open shelf there, but we took it out to replace it with a much better one. I painted my walls with Sherwin Williams paints in Samovar Silver and used Grays Harbor as an accent. They both come from the same swatch. The biggest challenge we have is trying to contain or tame the cords from the TV and the home theater system. We have a long living room, so putting the TV on top of the fireplace works except that hiding the cords is a huge undertaking. I think John has found a website to get the cord organizers and the other fittings that we need to contain all the wires. 

the furniture looks better with the paint color.
This is a portion of the dining room. We went with a creamy yellow from Sherwin Williams. It's called Hinoki. I like it better than the pinkish tan we first chose. Thank God for sample paint cans and we were able to change our minds quite a few times re the dining room color choices. Excuse the mess in the background. I took this while we were working on touch ups and wiring in the weekend so stuff were still sitting on chairs to keep them out of the way.

And here's my cat, Mr. Peapers. He can't wait to have his space back. He has punished me by waking me up and sitting on my face every morning. Guess he wants me to get up early so I can get the job done faster... The faster I get done, the faster he can get the peace back in his house. lol


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