Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sour Cream Box Candy Holder {A DIY Photo Toturial}

Hello friends! I hope everyone is doing great today and have had a nice start to your week. :) I'm hoping all of you are happy, healthy and smiling as I am today. I have something I would like to share with you all. I've made these things before but have never taken pictures of them. I always believe they make great party favors or in this case, a perfect way to re-package leftover Easter candy.

We gave away Easter baskets at church and although we had lots of kids come, we still had some left over. I know the kids will eat them anyway if I just put them in a candy bowl. But I thought, I would re-package them to give them a better experience. Every box is a surprise because I didn't mark what each box has in them. Kids love that. They love surprises! Also, it will help me use papers in my stash that I know I won't be using. For this project I used papers from an older Cosmo Cricket kit I got a couple years ago. 


You will need:
  • Candy {I used jelly beans, M&Ms, etc}
  • scrapbook paper cut in 4 inches x 4 inches {I used heavier weight scrapbook paper}
  • Scor-Tape {but you can use an ATG gun or any strong dry adhesive}
  • paper trimmer
1. Lay out your materials. Cut your paper according to size.

2. Apply adhesive.


Or, you can punch the edges to make it pretty. I am using an EK Success scallop punch.


 This is how it will look after you punch the two sides.


Then, apply adhesive on three sides.

3. Roll your paper into a cylinder shape {like below}.

4. Pinch one end shut. Now, with the other end still open, fill your box with candy. :)

5. When you feel like you have put enough candy in your box, pinch the open end shut the opposite way you shut the one end. Thus, forming the shape of a sour cream box. :)


6. And you got you some cool candy boxes!!!


Hope you all have a great rest of the week!!!

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