Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Rest Assured

Hey friends! I hope everyone is having a good start to your week. I myself am not a big fan of the Mondays but this particular one has been exceptionally great! The fact that I woke up not having to do anything or go somewhere felt wonderful. Other than finding out that my laptop is dead and needs to be plugged into the wall and I can't read my daily devotions before I get out of bed, I am greatly loving it. 

I am writing this post on John's computer, and it feels weird because my fingers are so used to the small space on my macbook, my fingers keep pushing the wrong keys! lol For a long long time, [read: two weeks], I have pretty much left my www life behind and have not been stalking my favorite websites or blogs like I always do. But today, I got a chance, and I found this on pinterest:

I thought it is a great reminder. It made me smile and I hope it does you too. If you have been following my blog, a lot has been going on around here... and I believe it is not just us that needed to be reminded of the fact that Someone out there is watching out for us, Someone loves us unconditionally and Someone has arms long enough to reach down and pull us out of the rut we are in when we ask to be taken out of the bad situations or decisions we put ourselves into. 

Have a wonderful week!

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