Sunday, April 17, 2011

This Week

Hello All! :) This week has been great. I cooked a lot, worked in the craft room some, took tons of pictures, took photography lessons, experimented on a ton of actions and worked in the yard. :) So this week, I got a mini-cheesecake pan. My awesome friend, Sara got it for me. Everything "mini" makes me happy, I easily get enamored by their cuteness! You have to understand, this is the first time, so these things aren't supposed to look close to pretty because I was too excited I pried them all out of the pan. LOL Next time I make them, they should look pretty and I will share the recipe... I promise.

The pan has little bitty removable bottoms. And it makes 12 cute mini cheesecakes. And, here's the end result! :)

John and I also made rainbow cupcakes this week with raspberry swiss meringue buttercream. :)

And then, Mr. Peapers came to wake me up one morning this week to play with my feet.

my sweet Mr. Peapers! :)

And this was how my craft desk looked before the week was over:

This desk doesn't stay clear of clutter very long. 

Hope everyone had a great, colorful week too! :) 

I love my Copic Markers. They are on the high side for price because they are
professional markers. This one in the pic is the very first set I bought,
then all the rest of the 100+ shades and colors I have I had to purchase in 10's.
Blick Arts run a sale on them every so often. 

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