Friday, July 15, 2011

25 Random Things

  1. I love to bake. I am good at it. But my best truly comes out through my baked goods when I am upset.   There is no explanation to this. So if you want anything tasty from me, get me upset first... I guess. lol
  2. I am not attached to old clothes or shoes and other things.  I am always eager to empty my closet and give my stuff away to make room for new stuff, I am the same way with my craft supplies and baking ingredients.
  3. I hate getting up early. Although if asked to, I will do it... Just don't expect me to be all wide eyed and bushy tailed.
  4. I don't and can't craft at night.  For some reason this is hard for me to do. I have tried but I have a hard time coming up with original ideas at night. Besides, if we are not with friends for dinner, it is usually date night around here.
  5. I don't like the beach. I believe this is the case because I was surrounded by it while I was growing up. I guess I don't not like it. I think I am more like NOT excited by it unlike John and other people.
  6. Being my Husband's wife is the best job. I love teaching, I love doing it whether I am paid to do it or not. But being the wife to an amazing husband I believe is way up there for me. Look at it this way, I gave up teaching [5 years] to be his wife! He is so amazing  I have actually enjoyed being the highly educated housewife.
  7. I am allergic to cats but I live with 3 of them.  Thank God for the makers of Zyrtec and the injectable anti-histamine!!!
  8. I don't do second chances.  There is this group of people that have wronged me awhile back... Yes, I have [truly] forgiven them, but I don't believe I will want to be their friend again.  
  9. I don't hate halloween, I just don't see the point in it.  Whoever thought dressing up like silly characters was a great idea was one very very bored person.
  10. I wear shorts and flip flops all year round.
  11. I married my husband a week after I met him in person. Yeah, I am brave like that. : )
  12. Netflix Streaming and our two DVRs saved my [TV commercial/ad-hating] life... 
  13. No knick-knacks for me. I thought I liked them for a while but as John and I are working on our house, we have come to realize we do not like them because we don't like to keep dusting them. 
  14. I look forward to Sonic's Happy Hour.
  15. John and I have two great friends, Sara and Quinton.  If you can't get a hold of me, call Sara. She usually knows where to find me. John and Q have their own thing going on too. 
  16. I {heart} washi tape. Otherwise known around here as happy tape.
  17. I am an adhesive fanatic. I have at least one from each brand out there. 
  18. I prefer printing photos at home. They look better when I print them myself.
  19. My camera and I are inseparable.
  20. I would like to have an Instax mini. This goes out to my darling Hubby! <3
  21. I watch too much Food Network and Cooking Channel.  Way too much!
  22. I just started Lisa Nola's Listography. It is so much fun!
  23. I am excited about going to Bigstuf camp with our church youth.
  24. I don't get to go to regular church anymore, but I sure enjoy learning with my K-5th grade kids at children's church.  The kids keep me going on Sunday! They crack me up so much and I learn a lot of things from them.
  25. Lastly, I love babies... especially those that don't have mommies and daddies. It breaks my heart thinking how many kids are out there wanting to find a home.
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