Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sour Cream Box Candy Holder {A DIY Photo Toturial}

Hello friends! I hope everyone is doing great today and have had a nice start to your week. :) I'm hoping all of you are happy, healthy and smiling as I am today. I have something I would like to share with you all. I've made these things before but have never taken pictures of them. I always believe they make great party favors or in this case, a perfect way to re-package leftover Easter candy.

We gave away Easter baskets at church and although we had lots of kids come, we still had some left over. I know the kids will eat them anyway if I just put them in a candy bowl. But I thought, I would re-package them to give them a better experience. Every box is a surprise because I didn't mark what each box has in them. Kids love that. They love surprises! Also, it will help me use papers in my stash that I know I won't be using. For this project I used papers from an older Cosmo Cricket kit I got a couple years ago. 


You will need:
  • Candy {I used jelly beans, M&Ms, etc}
  • scrapbook paper cut in 4 inches x 4 inches {I used heavier weight scrapbook paper}
  • Scor-Tape {but you can use an ATG gun or any strong dry adhesive}
  • paper trimmer
1. Lay out your materials. Cut your paper according to size.

2. Apply adhesive.


Or, you can punch the edges to make it pretty. I am using an EK Success scallop punch.


 This is how it will look after you punch the two sides.


Then, apply adhesive on three sides.

3. Roll your paper into a cylinder shape {like below}.

4. Pinch one end shut. Now, with the other end still open, fill your box with candy. :)

5. When you feel like you have put enough candy in your box, pinch the open end shut the opposite way you shut the one end. Thus, forming the shape of a sour cream box. :)


6. And you got you some cool candy boxes!!!


Hope you all have a great rest of the week!!!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Project Life {Week 6}


I have started using Kerri Bradford's Life Additions Weeklies for my title. I didn't get a lot of time to pretty up my title card this week but I did have a lot of photos. And I also started printing my Instagram photos and putting them in my album.


This has been a jam packed week. :) A lot of stuff went on, and I didn't let one moment slip without taking any pictures.

In other news, my craft room still isn't ready but I am working on getting all my stuff moved and decide on some storage solutions because the stuff I had in the other house just won't work here. My new room isn't going to be secluded from the main part of the house like the other craft room, it is the front room and has glass french doors so everything that goes in that room need to be well thought out.

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