Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December First!

Hello friends! I hope everyone is staying warm and cozy. It finally feels like it should be. It is 37 degrees here, and that makes me excited because two or three weeks ago, I thought summer weather/temps was never gonna go away... or the earth just decided to skip fall and winter altogether and head on over to spring!

Not sure if it's just me or does anyone feel like this year's holiday season has come in a hurry? One day we were riding the waves in Daytona Beach, next thing you know, I am making turkey gravy and side dishes for our Thanksgiving feast. Time has flown by so fast! Late 2010, we bought our yellow bungalow... Late 2011, we were gifted this beautiful home [by our family].



This is the new neighborhood. :) We know pretty much everyone here, because we frequented this place while my Mom and Dad-in-law lived here. We have spent many a family gathering in this house. And I have had four birthdays here too since I moved here.

I can't show much of the inside yet because we are still in the process of moving in. Between this and the holidays coming in such a hurry and a few other duties I have taken on, there is not enough hours in the day to get much done. Even my Christmas cards are digital this year. I have not made anything handmade to give away. If I can speed scrap by doing it all digitally, I sure could make speedy digital cards with my own photos! :)



There's so much to do and it makes me crazy that I can't get caught up no matter the time management I do. There's just not enough time to get all of it done!

One thing I am at this moment is GRATEFUL. Even how much I complain about not having time, my days are not wasted doing nothing. I am constantly around family and friends... Not so much friends lately, but that's what the cellphone and facebook and Skype is for. I love virtual hugs and long emails and twitter mentions! My friend Sara and I live in the same town, but the two of us have so much to do, I can't remember the last time we sat down and talked! We only get to talk in the evenings through text or twitter. On a good note though, our husbands [John and Quinton] hang out every morning at the gym...

John and I have been so blessed this year!!! We are overflowing! I don't mean material things, but we have been so blessed with all kinds of different reasons to be thankful for time with the people that we love and the opportunity to be with them while they are still here. The past two months with Aunt Betty has been a blast. She is not her best self every day being that she has health issues, but I take every happy, funny moment [with her] with so much joy. I have been introduced to soooo many people because of her. Now the whole town knows me... I am the cool niece that hangs out with old people at McDonald's for breakfast. They are all so much fun to be around. Yes, I get up at 6 in the morning so I can have breakfast with Betty and her friends.

Today is the first of December, and I can't wait for Christmas! Gifts or no gifts, the holidays always gets me all pumped up. All the decorating and getting out all the holiday trimmings give me a wonderful kind of high. :) John and I are like kids and so is his brother. Boy, soon as we were told that our gifts have been bought and have arrived in the mail, we go on a search in John's parent's 4,000 sq ft house for the gifts just to find out they are locked away in Dad's office. LOL

So now you know why I am going to be counting the days til Christmas morning when we could open those nicely-wrapped items! :) I only have three wrapped at the moment. All the rest are in a UPS or FedEx truck somewhere on their way to me.

Hope your holidays are as exciting as ours here. We all always have a great time. I pretty much bake every day in the month of December. I am starting tonight. I am going to start making cookies for my tins so this year I could actually send them out to some special people. :)

Til the next post! Have a happy December First!

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