Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Treat Holder

I have to admit, if there was one, I would have to say I am the Halloween Scrooge. This is mainly because where I grew up, Halloween isn't considered a Christmas-like holiday... It is observed rather solemnly as opposed to the very festive, fun holiday it is here in the US. I have been here four years and not one Halloween in all of my four years here have I participated in trick or treat. Not that I hate Halloween, it's the fact that I couldn't get into it as I do the other holidays.However, this year I have vowed that I will be giving away treats to my friends' kids because they are soooooooo cute and I will be giving away treat bags to my husband's students both in the grade school and high school also. 

Anyway, for Cuttlebugspot this week, I made these two treat holders:

This first one is made out of almond cans. My husband and I love almonds and I buy them a lot in these cans. I have been saving the cans and decorate them just like I did this treat holder to make into pen/pencil holders, i store odds and ends of ribbons in them too. But as of right now, there's a dozen of these Halloween decorated cans all over my house with a handful of treats in them and my husband is loving it! : )

For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the paper collection that I used in this project. It has been in my stash for a while and I can't remember where all these things came from or where I got them. I used Divine Swirls to emboss the orange cardstock behind the jack-o-lantern. And I heat embossed the sentiments in both tags I used. 

While I was finishing up my halloween can, I found a brand new, unopened thing of brown lunch bags in my pantry. And since I had some left over paper, I went ahead and made a treat holder out of it too. I am thinking it will be great to just hand these out on trick or treat night to my much favored kids! : )

I used the Skeleton Scroll embossing folder to emboss an antiqued piece of paper. Then I dabbed some black ink to make the skulls show up a bit more. The papers I used on this came from that same unidentified stack I had... For all we know, they probably don't all belong to the same collection. LOL I added googley eyes to my spider there and a yellow bow on her head. : ) I heat embossed the word BOO on black cardstock.

It's your turn, go back to the Cuttlebugspot and play along! : )
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