Friday, February 3, 2012

New Year... New Book

You all have seen my junque journal. I have been journaling and scrapbooking in it since June and it's getting too beat up. It travels with me, it is in my purse with the gazillion other stuff I carry around.



So for the new year since I don't have any resolutions, I have decided to commit to Project Life so I can give my junque journal a break. It doesn't have enough room for my thoughts. A lot of things have happened in my/our life/lives in the past six months it's crazy! And I have tried to shove all events in my junque journal like a mad woman, now it's starting to fall apart.  I have put recipes, magazine/paper clippings, pictures, french fry boxes, store/restaurant receipts, paint watches, fabric samples, etc in this thing. I journaled in it every day when we went to Daytona Beach for a week last summer.


This book is populated mostly of my husband's pictures... I have a little bit of obsession for him. Just a little bit. There's also some photos of our house and the ideas I have gathered for projects and a whole lot of other things from hotel keys, boarding passes, cinema tickets, bottle caps, Starbucks cup holder things etc.

I have always been a memory keeper. Always. I have used white gel pens way before they became a trend here. My friends and I [in high school] skipped school and hung out at a bookstore either to read books, or spend money on pens and markers! Although it was different the way I did my scrapbook/junque journal [because we used planners and notebooks and a limited number of supplies] it was as much fun as it is for me now given that I have every tool available to mankind and a beautiful craft room to make stuff in.

This is why I need to start Project Life. I want more room for my thoughts, more space for my crazy ideas and a more detailed description for everything. I love journaling, and i love taking pictures, I  take photos every day either with my DSLR camera or my phone camera. I also love printing them out... I print so much, my husband John bought me a Continuous Ink System {CIS} online because all the printing I have been doing is costing so much money on OEM ink catridges. LOL I know it's not funny but it kind of is. I don't take pictures just to look at them on my computer, part of the joy of taking them is being able to touch them and being able to show them off.

So come March, I am going to start Project Life... and I'll find out how i do with it. :)
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