Friday, February 17, 2012


Hello everyone! Hello loooonnggg weekend!!! :) We [read: the husband and I] do have a list of things to do in the next few days, it's going to be exhausting but I know it will all pay off in the end. I think we are on the final stretch in getting our other house ready to sell. It still puts me in a terrible mood when I go there, because when we get done with it, except for the kitchen, the house will look about 70% the way we wanted it... but we won't get to enjoy all of that, someone else will. I will be posting photos of the progress here soon. It has been a wild ride trying to get that house ready, moving, and getting settled in the new house at the same time. I've been here and done this more than I thought I wanted to, but I just cannot get used to it.

We have been in the new house since November, I think... but since we have been socking money into the other house to speed up the process of getting it on the market before spring, we have done so little, if not nothing at all to the new house.  We got the living room looking decent, but not quite to where I want it just yet, my kitchen isn't painted yet like we had planned on doing, John's music studio still needs to get organized and done, and my craft room/loft is an empty pink space right now. The list is long... and before I forget, here's what our guest bedroom looks like.


The room that is going to be my craft room is right by the foyer with nice double french doors where people can peek in, so I have shoved all my stuff here while I wait to have time to work in there... It is so messy, it has been like this since we moved in in November. But I would rather the mess be in this room in the very back corner of the house than it be in that wide open room in the front. I hate apologizing to people about messes in my house, it's really none of anybody's business but I am a girl and I am not a slob... I just don't wanna be setting up here just so I could tear it down in a month or so because I am moving to another room.


This is the other side of my desk. It's not too bad, all my Paper Trey Ink cardstock is in that pull out drawer. Sadly, I will have to let go of this desk when I move to the other room. In a couple of months I will be the proud owner of this desk from Anna White. She has a whole detailed plan for this desk on her website. And my very darling husband is building it for me for my birthday. :)

So on with my mess... Here's more! This is what's to the left of my desk. These are all the stuff that hung on my wall in my other craft room. I would hang them back up but I really don't wanna drill holes on my wall especially that I am not gonna be staying here...


This is what's going on on the floor to the right. I cringe every time I am in this room. I do not like this mess at all. It's a battle fighting myself from just going ahead and installing storage in this room to contain what the closet can't any more hold. Yes, the closet is full of my stuff too.


Even my floor is crafty too. LOL My husband always laughs when he comes in here and sees all these paper/cardstock stacks... He says, between me and my friend Sara we can probably make a scrapbook for every single person in this town with the volume of paper that we have. Haha! Yeah, not funny, paper and adhesive are very prized crafter's possessions. We don't just give them away. lol


So you ask if I have crafted in this space any? The answer is a resounding NO. However, my friend Sara's daughter has. I don't know how she managed to find anything in here but she managed to make a card for her friend amidst all of this chaos! Lol  I have printed pictures in here though to put in my junque journal... but that's as close to crafting in here that I have done. I didn't even make Christmas cards because I couldn't stand being in here at all. 

What you've seen is only a part of it. I am not proud of this, but this is my reality for now... There's just not enough time in the day to get stuff done anymore. My days get busier each day. Who knew staying at home could get this complicated! My life is on a schedule. I am just thankful that we do find time for things that really matter. And I am thankful that John and I have very wonderful friends who tolerate us... We are now getting back on the getting together more often like the good ol' days again though and that feels really good. I love to hear the ring of laughter in my home, I love to have a good time over food and tasty desserts, and most of all I love a positive, friendly, loving environment where I live rid of anything that brings people down. I love great memories and i love looking back to them and saying, "what the heck were we thinking?!" and laughing about them. :)

So here's hoping we get to crossing things out of our list this weekend and we make a huge dent. Mostly John and I work well as a team... as long as we aren't working in the same space at the same time. [that could get really ugly real fast!]

I don't think it will be long before I get my room done. :) It doesn't require too much work, it is a blank slate right now. So soon as I get it all put together, I will be showing it off like a crazy woman with a blog. [wait, i am a crazy woman and I do have a blog!] lol


Okay, so there... I vented. And I feel good now. :) Til the next post folks!!!

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