Saturday, March 24, 2012

Project Life {Week 4} and then some photos...

Hey all! :) I am on Week 4 of Project Life and so far I am doing well... by that I mean, I haven't fallen back into procrastination, yet! And that really really makes me so happy because I have been  enjoying looking at what I have in my book so far.


This week I did use my Cricut to cut my title and you can tell how I need to re-learn how to work my Sure-Cuts-A-Lot and my machine because all the edges in some parts of my title are jagged and seems like I have forgotten how to cut paper. LOL As you all can tell I didn't put too much work on my title card this week. I used the Echo Park Playground collection.


I journaled on my photos again. I love doing this!!! I wish I can do it on all of them, but that's what the 3x4 journaling cards are for also, the smaller photos only have so much space for stuff.


Obviously I have a lot of photos this week that I had to get creative and split the 6x4 slots so I can put in journaling too. :) We have been having a wonderful time whipping our new backyard back into shape and I have been taking pics at the same time... So... yeah!


That's all for Project Life this week. :) I have a couple photos to share with you about what has been going on here, and this waterfall I keep tweeting about. Yard work makes me happy, and I love digging into the ground and planting flowers and adding colors outdoors, so this new house totally is an enabler! 


This {above} is one of the pretty corners in our backyard. :) I am loving this one in particular because this is where the pond and the waterfall is. This is right across from our bedroom window, and in the past week, it has been so pretty we have been leaving our window up all night and it is an added bonus that we can listen to the waterfall. It is the most relaxing thing, but not as relaxing as soaking in the pool, which we are going to open in a couple of weeks depending on how the temps are in the coming weeks.

Here's the pond and the waterfall. My husband and I are thinking about adding some height to the waterfall... but it is fine as is. It would just be nice to give a river-like look and feel. :) This pond used to have fish in it, but last fall John forgot to turn off the water as he was filling it up and it overflowed and killed all the fish that was in it. That was a very sad day but we are keeping it without fish for now to see how we do with just the pond. We have never had a pond before so we are yet trying to get used to having to take care of it and keeping it all problem-free.


Lastly, that is Voodoo in our bedroom window... He is an inside cat but he is an outdoor cat by heart. He loves being outside except that he can't be outside because he has been de-clawed. I wouldn't let him be outside if he wasn't de-clawed anyway, because I would worry myself to death if my pets are outside all the time.

 Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead of you!!! :)

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