Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Goodies from my Kitchen


Hi friends! I have admitted to all of you how I have had no handmade cards done... but I am not behind on the baking [I THINK!]. I have been keeping myself busy as my husband wrestled with all the preparations for his two Christmas programs at work. For band directors and music teachers, December is one of the busiest months. :)

I have been surprising him with a new treat every day. But at the back of my head I am also hoping he doesn't eat them all before the actual Christmas day comes. LOL

The photo above is a picture I took of my kitchen yesterday after I got done cleaning to record this really happy moment of clean and spotlessness. :) It doesn't look like that anymore after all the baking I have done. LOL

Today I have made the easiest Chocolate Crinkle Cookies and a batch of cookies that I found at Pinterest, they are normally called Blossom Cookies but this one has been made festive by using red and green sugar and Hershey's Hugs and Kisses. I thought since I pretty much live in Pinterest, I might as well make something to add to the plethora of holiday treats that I am making to honor the friends and the hundreds of pinners that I follow.

 Here they are!!!


I got playful with this one and dipped it in both red and green sugars. :)


And here's the beginnings of a crinkle. This is an all-time favorite of mine... This is one of the few things I make that I actually do not enjoy sharing with anyone because I love them so much.


Here is the end result. Make chocolate cookies, roll them in powdered sugar and bake them in the oven for 8-10 minutes. Chocolatey tastiness!!! :)


I also made dog treats! But I didn't take pictures of it because I already have them all packaged to give away.

I hope all of you are all caught up with Christmas shopping, baking, gift wrapping, decorating, etc! And, keeping warm too!!!

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