Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Craft Space

This post is a reply to Kristina Werner's blog post tonight titled: 90% of Real Crafters Make Real Messes. I totally agree with her so I made a blog response! I will let the photos do most of the talking. :)

This mess is the reason why the slat boards went up!!! But even with them up, my craft desk is still messy.

And that's just my craft desk, I haven't posted pics of what's going on in the shelves and drawers underneath, across from it, and behind it. lol But I am not ashamed of it. The only reason I clean up is so I can make more messes. My desk never stays looking nice... Well for at least 5 minutes right after I clean it then soon as my mojo comes back, it turns into a war zone just like it shows on the picture.

If you like, you can send me or her links to your messes too! :) I sure enjoyed sharing mine! 

Cheers to all of us crafters! :)


  1. Great and creative mess. Enjoying getting inspired by everyones pics of their messes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It has been fun Tracy! :) I have been looking at everyone else's too.


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