Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Week in Daytona Beach

Hi All! I don't know if I still have readers anymore from being gone too long but HI anyway! The Hubs and I went to Daytona Beach together with a group of teens and a few adults to be at this thing called BigStuf Camps. 3,500 students came to the event and it was an awesome experience!!! The only down side, the hotel WIFI wasn't as awesome as the view off of my balcony. I got proof.
this is only one side of my balcony
This is what you see on the other side of the balcony.
But like I said, the WIFI wasn't as awesome as those views! I had to go to Starbucks a couple of times to make sure my scheduled bill payments went through. They have never missed but I just had to check because I couldn't. You know that feeling? Now you know I'm a nutbag. lol 

I took my junque journal with me and people looked at me weird when they saw me rip a french fry box apart at Burger King and started gluing it into my book. Nothing is funnier as when people stare at you like you are a fugitive because you carry a Tombow Dot roller adhesive with you [like it's a deadly weapon] and it even gets funnier when they saw me pull out my white gel pen, however this time, they were more like in awe because they probably haven't seen one before. LOL

Yes, world! There are crazy people like me who do such things at a fast food place. I can't resist myself. If I could pack my craft room and have it handy with me, I would most definitely do that! Crafting relaxes me. It makes me forget how terrible road trips are. It makes me see the good side of things and it directs my attention into the great memories away from my whiney self. It makes me happy like this particular view made me happy:

Hope everyone is staying cool!!!

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