Saturday, May 28, 2011

Congratulations Class of 2011!

The Husband and I are at our friends' [Quinton's and Sara's] home today to celebrate their oldest son's 8th grade graduation. : ) We have known Sara and Q for about four years I believe but we didn't start hanging out 'til about 3 years ago. In the process, John and I didn't only win friends in S and Q but we also got two very wonderful kid friends that we consider our own niece and nephew, Will and Whitney. Ever since we have known their parents, the kids, too have become a part of our lives. There has never been a birthday that John and I are not present. Long story short, we just got to love these two kids like they were our own. 

So to celebrate Will's 8th grade graduation, I made him this:

And here is our graduate:

And here's Whitney, she is going to be graduating in a couple of years:

So here's my CONGRATULATIONS to all of the graduates this year! Hope all of you got a really great cake to celebrate you, your hard work and your education! : )

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