Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fabric Keychain

Hi all! I have not been to Pinterest in a while but last time I was there, I saw this really cute fabric keychain on there that I have fallen in love with. Other than humming birds, junque journals, pretty paper, and glue, I also love seam binding and keychains! 

So a couple of days ago, as my friend Sara and I were at the craft store shopping for the stuff for her daughter, Whitney's french memo board, I remembered to pick up a couple things [that being seam binding and purse clips!] to finally get the keychain project going. The step-by-step instructions are on Amy's blog.

Here's my keychains: [click on the photos to enlarge]

I made two of them for me and Sara. :) We are notorious for losing our keys, so maybe with this thing, we could minimize that because I made this to where it fits around the wrist. I am no sewing guru. I only know a few tricks, I even goofed on one of the keychains I made.

Happy Wednesday all! 

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