Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fun Project: Swag Light

Hello all! :) I have been doing some organizing and some changing around here [in my craft room]. This is the very first day that I have actually crafted in here, so I am very excited. This wasn't a difficult project I did today but it did take some time. In fact it's really not done yet but it will be tomorrow. I promise.

Remember this?


and this?


Not my husband but the striped paper lantern! lol Some hot glue gun burns, 300+ coffee filters and an hour and a half later, it is now this!

This was fun to make... except it took time and patience. It was easy too. I really really love how it looks now and I love how it looks like I have colorful bulbs inside when all it is is a reflection of the colorful stripes that are on the paper lantern. The photo below shows the process. Just kind of crumple up your coffee filters and hot glue them all one by one on your paper lantern.


Paper Lantern [I got mine from the World Market for $2.50]
Coffee Filters [I used about 250-300]
Hot glue gun and glue sticks


I took the pompoms down by the way. But maybe they will look better when I put them back up given I don't have too many patterns and too much texture going on anymore. :)

This right here was where I got the idea...

Laterz gatorz,
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