Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Today {Random Thoughts and Facebook}

Time is flying by so fast. My birthday was here before I could establish a really strong birthday wishlist!!! I was just talking to my Mom-In-Law about looking at a few brands of bread machines, and then a few days later, the bread machine I had my heart set on shows up at my door [from her and my Dad-In-Law] because I am not a very spoiled girl. No, not at all. *winks* 

Seems like it wasn't a long time ago when John re-did one of the bedrooms in our old house and turned it into a craft room for me for my anniversary gift. This year, he is building some more for my craft room in our new house for my birthday. :) Seems to me like we keep starting over, but we also keep upgrading. Each time we start, it is always some place better.

Around this time each year, John and I are usually building a list of things to do in the spring all the way up to the fall. This year, however, there isn't much to do. At least not anything major. It's all little things here and there, but knowing my Husband, one of these projects we got planned is going to turn into a major makeover.

I cannot wait to get this wall filled up with storage. This is the current state of my craft room. There has been a lot of activity here lately, so I don't even bother to do much of putting away, just until our friends, Chris and Julie get married in April. I am kind of helping them with some stuff for the wedding, plus all the other crafting and sewing that I do here.


John is getting ready to put a built-in on this wall so I can put away pretty much all of what you see on the floor. There's not a lot, everything else is put away, so this 13.5 feet built-in storage unit will come in very handy when he's done with it. This is #1 on my birthday wishlist and I am getting it in the next couple of weeks! I am very excited.

It will also add some work surface, which would be fabulous! Don't get me wrong, I love the gigantic desk he built for me last summer. However, at this point in my life I just don't paper craft anymore. I make pretty much everything. I sew, I take pictures, I make home decor, and not just for me anymore either. I have friends that come over and play in here every so often. This room gets more traffic than my kitchen does and my kitchen is pretty darn busy all the time, given there is always something baking or cooking in there or a cake or cupcakes are being decorated there constantly.

Enter this hutch...


We got this hutch years ago. It looked really good in the past few houses we've lived in, but it isn't looking too hot in my current kitchen. This is why it's been sitting here empty for a couple of weeks. I can't quite convince myself that I like it or I want to keep it at all. The only thing that is keeping me from taking an axe and destroying this thing is the fact that it is built good. It is an antique. So I am spending a couple of warm days to get it to my liking, otherwise, it is out the door. 

This armoire on the other hand is a keeper. This used to house our computer, it is now the house for my die cutting machines, my wireless printer and other things I don't use all the time. I am not sure if I want to re-do it yet, we'll see...


I am tackling this wall very soon. The canvas print is going to be finished too.


Lots of little things on my to-do list. Here's hoping it warms up soon so I can finish all of them and I can fly out of here for a while and visit some really important people who I haven't seen in a few years.

Speaking of wanting to see some people, this year for my birthday, I decided I would shut my facebook timeline posting down. I love social media. I connect with a lot of my family and friends there. While it is true that you can connect with people there, it is also the most impersonal place to hang out at. Although I know that there are people that love me and vise versa on there, there also people on there who just say things just because it is easy, not because they mean what they say.

So this year, I made sure nobody can post HAPPY BIRTHDAY on my timeline... and it was awesome!!! One, my phone didn't blow up from all the happy birthdays. Two, my timeline didn't get flooded with greetings from people I don't normally talk to. Three, all the people that really care, found a way to get a hold of me and didn't grumble because they couldn't post on my timeline.

It's crazy how I say it is the most impersonal place to hang out at but people take everything that they read or see on there very personal and get upset about things that most of the time have nothing to do with them.

This year, I promised to myself to make it a point see or personally talk to all the people I love. I am not quitting facebook, however, it won't be my major hang out, it never was in the first place. There is more to life than staring at our computers all day and creeping on other people's facebook pages. Make something pretty. Get a hobby. Learn to do something. Go outside and enjoy the sunshine. As for me, I am going to visit the ones I haven't seen in forever... because seeing pictures of them on facebook just doesn't quite do the job! :)

See you soon!!!

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